TyMetrix 360° - the leading SaaS-based ELM software solutionTyMetrix® 360° is the leading SaaS-based Enterprise Legal Management software solution that enables organizations to integrate and streamline virtually every dimension of managing legal matters, risk, and costs on a highly-configurable and secure technology framework. Using TyMetrix 360°, companies:

  • Automate and streamline business processes to drive efficiencies and improve staff productivity
  • Enhance collaboration between in-house counsel and external service providers
  • Leverage data and business intelligence to manage matters more strategically and mitigate risk
  • Improve the transparency and the predictability of legal spend, resource usage, and budgets
  • Make smarter, more informed decisions regarding the management of resources, staffing, counsel selection, budgeting, and matters
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their legal and claims systems

TyMetrix 360° Applications and Modules

TyMetrix 360° Applications:

TyMetrix 360° offers applications for:

Each of these TyMetrix 360° applications can be used individually, or seamlessly combined to deliver a comprehensive solution that enables corporate legal or insurance claims departments to more effectively manage legal matters and spend.  

TyMetrix 360° Modules:

A variety of optional TyMetrix 360° modules are offered, which allow clients to augment the core features of their TyMetrix 360° application with a rich set of enhanced capabilities for managing matters and cases. By adding these modules on to TyMetrix 360° Legal Matter Management, Legal Spend Management, or Claims Defense, clients are able to tailor their solutions to meet their current business needs, or easily add on new capabilities as their needs and strategic objectives evolve.

TyMetrix 360° Technology


TyMetrix 360° is the most configurable SaaS-based Enterprise Legal Management software solution on the market. The solution’s screens, fields, rules and dynamic workflow engines, reporting, security model, and more can all be tailored to support each client’s unique business needs and processes. The result is a legal matter management, legal spend management, or claims defense application that has been precisely configured and tightly aligns with the client’s vision for their solution.


TyMetrix 360° can be integrated with the technologies that a client already has in place in order to deliver streamlined business processes. We have integrated TyMetrix 360° with many of the most widely-used claims, accounts payable, IP management, financial, HR, and document management systems on the market through custom integrations that align with each client’s needs.

Business Intelligence and Reporting:

The TyMetrix 360° solution offers powerful analysis and reporting tools that enable clients to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and demonstrate department value with confidence. Dynamic reporting capabilities deliver meaningful reports on multiple dimensions that help clients to track, manage, and control the vital details of their legal operations, as well as quickly get the answers that they need to improve decision making and optimize performance.

Business Benefits

Simplify how work gets done.

  • Role-based configuration delivers the most relevant information, tasks, reminders, and reports to each team member and also establishes strong governance to protect information and defines appropriate levels of access based on each user’s responsibilities
  • The TyMetrix® 360° mobile app offers on-the-go invoice management on multiple types of smart device, which enables clients to quickly and securely review and approve invoices anywhere
  • Business process management (BPM) tools (e.g., rules and dynamic workflow engines) automate and streamline both simple and complex processes so that professionals spend less time on administrative and manual tasks and more time on higher-value activities
  • With industry-leading usability, TyMetrix 360°  delivers a highly-intuitive user experience and the ability to personalize the solution for the way each user wants to work

Gain a clear line of sight into the financial and operational health of the department.

  • Dynamic reporting offers drill-down reporting capabilities and a powerful, flexible, and secure interface for building reports and analyzing data, which improves the speed and the quality of decision making
  • Easy-to-access reporting and metrics offer a deep understanding of a department’s matter portfolio and legal spend in order to enable strategic business decisions
  • Pre-configured report templates allow users to easily run recurring reports related to departmental management, operations, financials, law firm management and performance, and more, which provide enhanced visibility into KPIs

Strengthen internal and external collaboration.

  • TyMetrix 360° brings together legal processes, data, and documents in a single location, which enables legal staff and outside counsel to collaborate and share knowledge securely and efficiently
  • Dynamic workflows enable consistent enforcement of best practices and business processes across the activities of legal staff
  • The Outlook® Module streamlines the daily management of matters or cases and strengthens collaboration across teams

 Evolve the system as business needs change.

  • TyMetrix 360° administrator controls facilitate configuration changes in support of local business needs,  requirements, and regulations
  • TyMetrix 360° modules enable clients to cost-effectively expand their system’s capabilities to meet specific or emerging business needs

IT Benefits

Reduce system support costs and drive down the TCO of legal and claims systems.

  • Flexible, self-serve administration capabilities provide configuration options for non-technical staff and reduce reliance on internal IT support
  • TyMetrix 360°’s SaaS deployment enables quick access to new releases and upgrades in real-time, without installing new software
  • TyMetrix 360° implementation, maintenance, hosting, and security are all managed by our company, which virtually eliminates client-side IT effort, decreases risk, supports business continuity, and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution

Enjoy the confidence and reliability of highly-secure data and information management.

  • Highly-secure operations and audit controls (SSAE 16) are in place to ensure that data is protected and that the solution meets each client’s data security requirements
  • All client data is encrypted while in-transit or at-rest, which maintains the security and privacy of each client’s data
  • An optional multi-level authentication feature enables companies to require that users provide a unique, individualized, and session-specific security code in addition to their TyMetrix 360° credentials when logging in, which provides an extra level of system security

Adapt TyMetrix 360° to support the needs of a global and mobile workforce.

  • Flexibility to host TyMetrix 360° in either a North American or European-based location in order to meet each company’s global data requirements
  • SaaS delivery offers faster time-to-value and reduced deployment and implementation time, which enables greater agility to support new business requirements across geographies

TyMetrix 360® Product Collateral

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