The Passport® Invoice Appeals Module allows legal and claims professionals to initiate an invoice review with their vendors that eliminates resubmitting invoices for rejected or adjusted charges. The client can make line item adjustments, include an explanation of those adjustments, and send the invoice back to the firm or vendor for review. Once the vendor receives the appealed invoice, they can make further adjustments and add their justification for those changes. The invoice appeals process enables clear communication between client and legal service provider, saving the client organization time and money and speeding up invoice payment.

This module benefits:

Corporate Legal Departments:

  • Improve communication with outside counsel and other legal service providers
  • Efficiently handle invoice appeals with large volumes of invoices

Claims Departments or Claim Litigation Departments:

  • Efficiently handle large volumes of invoice appeals
  • Empower third-party/centralized bill review units to proactively resolve billing issues
  • Improve communication with panel firms and other legal service providers

Key features and benefits of the Passport Invoice Appeals Module include:

  • The client initiates and ends the appeals process – puts the client in control of all invoice appeals, allowing them to put an end date on the process and move the invoice to accounts payable
  • Invoice appeals data tracked, including details on submission, approval, requestors, authorization amounts, and invoice status – offers a centralized and consolidated view of all invoice adjustments, commentary, and status for a complete snapshot at a glance
  • Client has ability to bulk adjust, approve, or reject multiple items on an invoice at the fee or line item expense level – offers efficient reviewing and detailed visibility of adjusted or disputed charges
  • Appeal process is repeatable – clients and legal service providers are able to pass invoice adjustments back and forth any number of times in order to reach agreement