As the only vendor in the Enterprise Legal Management solutions market with intellectual property (IP) experts on staff and proven IP expertise, ELM Solutions has a comprehensive understanding of the IP practice area and delivers solutions that meet its unique needs around the capture, management, and analysis of IP spend. The Passport® IP Spend Management Module brings together the tools and the information that IP attorneys, business process managers, and portfolio managers require to understand the detailed costs associated with a global portfolio of patents and trademarks and make smart, well-informed portfolio management decisions.

Key features of the Passport IP Spend Management Module include:

  • Pre-configured business rules and invoice workflows optimized for the needs of the IP practice area
  • A library of IP-specific reports that provide visibility into the global costs associated with patents/trademarks throughout the IP life cycle and help to optimize portfolio management
  • Display of trademark images and links to patent publications, providing additional context for IP staff during invoice review
  • Custom fields to support granular, bidirectional integration with IP management systems, which enables enhanced portfolio decision support for patent annuity and trademark renewal payments at family and geographic levels

Passport® Applications

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