Driving Win-Win Law Firm and Client Collaboration: Shared Goals, Metrics, and Budgets

Driving Win-Win Law Firm and Client Collaboration: Shared Goals, Metrics, and Budgets

In today’s legal climate, corporate clients are asked to more with less while law firms are increasingly seeking opportunities to improve efficiency and enhance client collaboration.

Hear from both corporate legal and law firms to get their perspective on the secret sauce behind win-win, mutually beneficial partnerships.

About The Expert

Holly Montalvo

Holly Montavlo leads all ELM Solutions business development efforts focused on providing legal analytics solutions and services to law firms. In this role, she helps to solve business problems for firms that are working to adapt to the “new normal” in the changing legal marketplace. Holly’s areas of expertise include deployment and integration of business intelligence, case management, e-discovery, CRM, SharePoint, and matter management analytic tools. Upon joining ELM Solutions, Holly quickly became a key part of the effort to build and develop a law firm market for analytic solutions. Taking part in panels, hosting law firm forums, and participating in partner retreats, she immersed herself in the issues faced daily by law firms of all sizes. The result is her deep understanding of the law firm segment and an ability to design the precise solutions and services that help firms to overcome their challenges and stay ahead of client demand.

Bill Sowinski

Bill Sowinski directs all decision support services at ELM Solutions. In this role, Bill leads an expert team in the design of client legal spend analyses and benchmarking disciplines based on each organization’s specific needs. He works with clients to structure and analyze their legal data, helping to develop and deploy measured strategies that improve legal and claims department performance. A litigation expert and a pioneer in the legal analytics space, Bill has extensive experience working with key clients across myriad industries.

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