Last year Insight Labs, a foundation that “helps entities think through large-scale issues in need of solution,” set out on a year-long quest to understand the present-day business of law and to predict its future. They sought input from attorneys, executives, educators, technologists, and others who have begun mapping out the future in their arenas. Instead of focusing on the challenges currently facing the legal industry, the team took an approach that considered technological, cultural, and economic changes happening in the wider business world, and then thought about where the legal industry fits into that picture.

The result is a report called Law 2023, which presents 7 high-level insights about opportunities in the legal sector. The findings are inclined toward an optimistic outlook. While major industry disruption is a challenge to those struggling through it every day, the report suggests that there is a way for savvy players to successfully navigate the current obstacles and have a hand in shaping the future of legal practice.

The findings are presented alongside the interviews that were conducted with experts from across a myriad of fields. It’s an interesting read for anyone in enterprise legal management; whether you’re working in a corporate legal or claims department, a law firm, or another legal service vendor, there is something to spark thoughts about the future of your corner of the industry. And it’s nice to hear some good news for a change!