CLM Advisors recently released their 2015 CLM Litigation Management Study, which looks at the “state of the union” of the insurance litigation industry. It is a great resource for claims organizations, staff counsel, legal departments, law firms, and legal services vendors to gain insights about where the claims defense industry stands today and areas for opportunity. The study dives into how litigation executives are deploying their resources, measuring firm performance, utilizing staff counsel, addressing cost and quality issues, and facing existing and new industry challenges.

  • CLM Study – read the complete study, which includes statistics about the visibility of litigation management within the organization, the performance and costs of both staff counsel and panel firms, legal vendor management, and performance measurement. 
  • Insurance Claims Litigation Management Infographic – use the infographic to obtain a high-level view of the key objectives for claims professionals and the current state of insurance claims litigation. 
    Insurance Claims Litigation Management Infographic
  • Accelerate Your Use of Metrics for Claims – in this podcast, Taylor Smith, CLM Advisors President and author of the 2015 CLM Litigation Management Study, sits down with Toni Forge, Regional Manager of Insurance Solutions at ELM Solutions, to discuss the key findings of the study in more detail.

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