GRC 20/20 Innovator Award

Last month, Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions received two 2015 GRC 20/20 Innovation awards, one for User Experience Innovation, and one for Technical Innovation! While this recognition is a testament to the hard work and pioneering approach of our teams across the business, it would not be possible without the remarkable clients and partners who have helped us realize our vision for our Passport® GRC and LegalVIEW® solutions.

The Awards

First, a little background:

Innovation in User Experience for Legal Management: ELM Solutions Passport

In citing ELM Solutions, GRC 20/20 describes the many types of inefficiencies that exist in today’s corporate legal departments. Just recently, it was common for all legal business to be conducted on paper, offering very little visibility into legal risk or costs. Today, many corporations have taken greater control of their processes, utilizing various solutions for matter and spend management and online tools to assess and manage risk. This award recognizes our efforts to take the next big step to bring these formerly separate systems together on one platform. GRC 20/20 states that “Passport simplifies the way staff work and improves collaboration across internal teams and with external service providers through an intuitive and easy to use interface.”

Innovation in Legal Management Technology: ELM Solutions LegalView Analytics

Similarly, legal professionals are pressured to justify budgets, plan future spend, and prove the value of outside counsel. Here, leveraging data is the key to success. GRC 20/20 recognized LegalVIEW Analytics for its role in helping firms get insights into their costs and to base their most important decisions on current, relevant data. This is a significant transformation in corporate legal process. “LegalView Analytics is showing innovation by enabling legal departments to be strategically managed. The solution integrates and consolidates data from a variety of internal business and legal systems into an easy-to-read and customizable LegalView Dashboard, that allows legal departments to quickly obtain a full view of their legal costs.”

Client Feedback Is Essential

But we cannot take sole credit for either of these honors. At Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions, the process of developing a new solution is a collaborative one. We work hard to develop an intimate understanding of the challenges our clients face. This is the only way to ensure our solutions meet their needs as a natural extension to their existing workflow.

Our process is rooted in constructive conversations with our clients about their needs, frustrations, and desire for better tools. We encourage them to interact with prototypes while listening to their thoughts about what works and what doesn’t. With our Passport GRC solution, we knew we were on the right track during usability testing when we invited two very different testers at one of our client companies to try out the interface.

One tester who was unfamiliar with Passport and didn’t often use computers was able to navigate the new system easily and locate all of the important product features. Meanwhile, an expert user of another Passport module quickly found all of the required information quickly and efficiently.

Winning an award for innovation is gratifying for us. Sometimes our clients ask us for help with a challenge for which we don’t have an existing solution, and this becomes the impetus for a new innovation. For example, when our Legal Analytics team was approached by a client that was having trouble communicating complex data to their senior management, we had to create a new way to combine and present information from multiple sources.

We developed legal dashboards that capture data from a variety of online systems, as well as paper files, integrating it into simple displays that show:

  • Legal spend as percentage of total company revenue
  • Legal department performance trends against internal benchmarks
  • Flags that provide early warnings on high-risk matters that need attention.

This data supports improved decision-making by the client about where and how to spend their resources and advances their ability to establish the right fees, rates, and timelines with outside counsel.

Thank You

What an honor it is to have our hard work recognized by a respected, world-class organization like GRC 20/20 and we thank them for including us as an award recipient.

And thanks to our greatest assets and our secret weapons: our clients!