Recently Inside Counsel launched a microsite dedicated to the Women, Influence & Power in Law (WIPL) Network at WIPL was established in 2012 to bring together several projects with a shared goal of supporting the economic empowerment of women who work in the business of law, both in corporate legal departments and at law firms.

The landing page includes links to Inside Counsel articles by and about prominent women working in law, as well as articles and commentary relevant to the employment of women in legal leadership positions. The site also displays an up-to-date count of the number and percentage of female General Counsels across the Fortune 500.

In addition to the editorial content available, the site also provides information on and links to the following projects under the WIPL umbrella:

  • Project 5/165 is a series of invitational workshops, held in cities around the United States, that support the development of female in-house attorneys. This feeder program to the more advanced projects in the WIPL framework derives its name from its goal: to have 165 (30%) women serving as general counsel in Fortune 500 companies within five years.
  • The Mary Ann Hynes Leadership Institute is a consortium of 90 women who have been identified as ready to become general counsel in Fortune 500 companies within the next three years. The program, which sponsored an intensive leadership institute in March, is designed to provide a practical learning experience as well as networking opportunities with peers and role models.
  • The WIPL Annual Conference provides a forum for women in-house and outside counsel to discuss current legal, management, and professional development issues. The inaugural conference, held in October 2013 in Washington, DC, was attended by more than 350 women. Plans are underway for the 2014 conference in September.
  • The Transformative Leadership Awards Dinner has honored 33 women since its inception in 2010. The awards recognize general counsel and law firm partners who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the economic empowerment of women in law departments and law firms.

Each of these projects seeks to offer a meaningful and actionable support network to women leaders in the business of law. The programs provide workshops and events for networking, mentoring, and sharing of ideas and best practices.

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the InsideCounsel WIPL website, where you can read the articles, research the programs, and sign up for a weekly WIPL newsletter.